Lisa's Care LLC - Unique/Affordable/European Caregivers
Senior home Care

Lisa's Care comapnion- caregivers can travel, drive and speak Eastern European languages, and interact in social and cultural settings.

Lisa's Care caregivers will manage your  household, provide housekeeping , prepare meals, set the appointments according to the families requirements for caregiving and for any other responsibilities.

Lisa's Care does not become the employer of record;Lisa's Care does  not set wages and benefits , or assume responsibility for paying, training or supervising the caregivers Lisa's Care refer. The families and caregivers negotiate wages,days off, holidays,vacations and any other benefits.

Lisa's Care receives a fee only if the family engage a caregiver that Lisa's Care refer to the family.

New York State has a  Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Law for the hiring of domestic workers. Lisa's care can provide  Links and resource  for this and additional helpful information.